Polar Express project was presented at the International Exhibition "Transport of Russia"

Friday, November 18, 2022
Polar Express project was presented at the International Exhibition "Transport of Russia"

The Polar Express project was presented in the zone of innovative national projects at the International Exhibition "Transport of Russia," which took place in Gostiny Dvor on November 15-17, 2022.

During the official bypass of the exhibition, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin and the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Savelyev paid special attention to Polar Express project and the progress of its implementation, which was presented by the head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport Zakhary Dzhioev.


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In October 2022, the first section of the FOLC was commissioned from Teriberka, Murmansk Region, to Amderma, Nenets Autonomous Area, with a length of about 1200 km. A large amount of research and preparatory work has been carried out. Laying of FOLC in the Arctic conditions was carried out by specialized cable laying vessels of the main contractor - JSC "Perspective Technologies Agency." The technical readiness of the FOLC first section has been confirmed.

The FOLS with a total length of 12,650 km will be laid along the geographically shortest and unparalleled route between Europe and Asia, which will provide the lowest level of signal delay compared to the "traditional" southern routes. The high-speed communication line will be able to meet the needs for high-speed and reliable communication of large infrastructure projects in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, as well as support advanced technologies of growing online trade, cloud technologies and big data, the development of communication technologies, including 5G, the Internet of Things and other technologies.


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