JSC “Nuclear Energy Complex” and “Morsviazsputnik” signed a cooperation agreement

Friday, June 4, 2021
JSC “Nuclear Energy Complex” and “Morsviazsputnik” signed a cooperation agreement

June 4th 2021 a cooperation agreement was signed between JSC “Atomenergoprom” and FSUE “Morsviazsputnik” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
The document was signed by Ekaterina Viktorovna Lyakhova, Deputy Director of “Atomenergoprom”, and Andrey Kuropyatnikov, General Director of “Morsviazsputnik”.

The agreement is aimed at developing a long-term and effective cooperation in view of creating a digital communication infrastructure for northern latitudes, creating a digital ecosystem of the Northern Sea Route, including the creation of an Arctic data processing center infrastructure. The basis for implementation of these projects will be the transarctic trunk submarine fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) under construction, which will run from Murmansk to Vladivostok and have exit points along the Northern Sea Route and the Far Eastern coast of the Russian Federation.

“The joint work of specialists from FSUE “Morsviazsputnik”, State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and JSC “Atomenergoprom” will be aimed at solving large-scale, technically challenging tasks for creating digital infrastructure within the framework of the “Polar Express” project, for the construction of a unique submarine transarctic fiber-optic optical communication line along the route from Murmansk to Vladivostok. I am sure that the high industry expertise of ROSATOM will help us to realize the strategic goals of digitalization of the Arctic coast and the Far East of Russia, which contributes to the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “On the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and Ensuring National Security for the Period until 2035” , including the development of energy saving technologies and technologies for creating the infrastructure of data centers ”, - Andrey Kuropyatnikov outlined the prospects for cooperation. Rosatom ensures the development of a strategically important area - the Northern Sea Route. We are planning to build data centers in the Arctic zone, for which it will be absolutely necessary to use the resources of a high-speed FOCL. The signed agreement identifies our intentions to be the partner of “Morsviazsputnik” in the commercialization of FOCL capacity on the Russian and foreign markets and will also support the development of port infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route,” commented Ekaterina Lyakhova.


JSC “Atomenergoprom” (full name - JSC Atomic Energy Industrial Complex, part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom) is an integrated company that consolidates civilian assets of the Russian nuclear industry. “Atomenergoprom” provides a full production cycle in the field of nuclear energy, from uranium mining to the construction of nuclear power plants and power generation, giving priority to improving the quality of products, introducing innovative technologies and environmental management.


Federal State Enterprise "Morsviazsputnik" - a subordinate organization of the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation - participates in the implementation of state assignments and national projects, providing a full range of solutions and services for satellite communications and navigation, represents Russia in international organizations and programs such as: International Maritime Organization, International Telecommunication Union, International Mobile Satellite Organization, International COSPAS-SARSAT Program and others.
Since its founding in 1976, “Morsviazsputnik” has become a unique communications operator not only in the field of mobile satellite communications, but also in the backbone fiber-optic communications market as the operator of the “Polar Express” project - a transarctic backbone submarine fiber-optic communication line Murmansk - Vladivostok on the Northern Sea Route.

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